The logical evolution of
patient photography

A next-generation app for capturing high-quality patient images in accordance with modern privacy laws.

We help you observe the rules. And your patients exersise their rights. One capture at a time.


“A quasi automated system that allows you to use your own device to record, tag and securely store images pursuant to patient's consent is indeed a promessing tool. And now it's a reality. Cool!”

01 / About Us

Hi there, We are Photologic

Photologic is a small but capable team of founders and co-founders who have taken upon us to build the next-generation solution for Patient photography. Since the introduction of GDPR May 25 2018 patient photography has been under preasure. We believe in the individuals right to privacy and therefore we decided to find a way to deliver the optimum solution while abiding by the rules and regulations.

Through technology, inspiration and education We support doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel in joining the logical evolution in patient photography.

02 / Challenges

No more search for the digital camera. No more fisheye destortions.

If you are familliar with past solutions you will be relieved to find that "what you see is what you get". No more last minute searches for the camara or SD card. No more fisheye distortion of images. Your most reliable camera is in your pocket. Built-in taxonomy ensures optimum data quality and makes capturing quality images with sufficient information easy and straight forward. Download Photologic from App Store or Google Play depending on your device.

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03 / How it works

High-quality patient photography
has never been easier.

Easily select or create patient, obtain relevant patient consent, select location, diagnosis, phase and procedure. Point and shoot. It is that simple. All the relational heavy-lifitng, compliance and secure storage is taking place in the background, while you consentrate on the task at hand.

Select or create patient with a minimum of effort.

Obtain in-app consent from your patient.

Select body part and specific anatomical location.

Select diagnosis via built-in taxonomy.

Select phase and procedure via built-in taxonomy.

Point and shoot. It is that simple.

04 / Download

The Photologic App is available on iOS and Android.

To make it as easy as possible for for hospitals and clinics alike to onboard their users (doctors and nurses) within their organisation, the Photologic app is made available for free download via App Store and Google Play.

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